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Yokoyama Roshi

Senior Zen Master

Taiken Yokoyama began his Zen training in 1981.  He is an 85th generation Zen master of Rinzai Zen and provided lay and monastic Zen training for over 30 years at the Daihonzan Chozen-ji International Zen Dojo, where he oversaw and presided over religious services and activities.  He is senior Zen master of the Seattle Zen Dojo . He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Physics at the University of Washington.

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Bunko Wong Diane Roshi

Zen Master

Bunko Diane Yen-Mei Wong Roshi began her Zen training in 2001, and was ordained as a priest that year.  She received her inka (mind stamp) in 2011, from Taiken Yokoyama Roshi, who received his inka from Tanouye Rotaishi.  Wong teaches beginning meditation, Okyo (chanting of Sutras, Kado (Way of the Flower) and other workshops about Zen.  She is the author of Why Is the Sky Blue?: A Zen Book for Children; and is also a playwright and freelance writer/editor.


Martha Choe

Zen Master

Soko Martha Choe Roshi began her Zen training in 1999, at Chozen-ji and was ordained as a priest in 2004. She is a Zen and Kyudo (Way of the Bow) and received her inka (mind stamp) from Daihonzan Chozen-ji Jitsudo Tsuha Roshi in 2014. She teaches Kyudo and other worskshops about Zen.