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Seattle Zen Dojo

Zen Meditation, Martial Arts and Fine Arts



Seattle Zen Dojo is a Rinzai Zen Dojo located in Seattle.


Our Dojo activities are open to everyone who wants to learn more about Zen and participate in more serious Zen training.


Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seattle Zen Dojo is temporarily suspending its Fine Arts and Martial Arts sessions until further notice. The dojo is continuing its zazen sessions and also conducting study sessions on basic Zen concepts on a virtual basis.

What We Offer:

We train in Zen through focusing on breath, body and frame of mind. Our training includes sitting meditation, martial arts and fine arts.

The basis for training is Zazen, sitting meditation.
"Enso" calligraphy by Tanouye Rotaishi
Myo - whiter Tanouye Rotaishi.jpg
For Martial Arts, we primarily offer Kyudo (Way of the Bow, or Japanese archery); and some basic work with the shinai (bamboo sword) and Hojo walk, which is used in the Hojo sword form.
"Myo" calligraphy by Yokoyama Roshi
For Fine Arts, we offer Okyo (chanting of Sutras); Kado (Way of the Flower); and basic Shodo (Way of the Brush, or calligraphy)
"Ichi" calligraphy by Yokoyama Roshi
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